“Endless Love” Red Rose & Chocolate Heart Box


Indulge in timeless romance with our 17 Preserved Red Roses and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Heart Arrangement. Vibrant preserved roses convey enduring love, complemented by decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Ideal for any occasion, our stunning arrangement captivates with beauty and sweetness, leaving a lasting impression on your beloved.


Preserved Red Roses with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Arrangement, elegantly presented in a heart-shaped flower box.

Embrace our preserved red roses’ timeless beauty, vibrant color, and soft texture that lasts for years. These roses symbolize enduring love and passion, making them a perfect gesture for expressing your deepest emotions to someone special.

Nestled among lush red blooms are Ferrero Rocher chocolates, adding delight and sweetness to this exquisite arrangement.

Each chocolate sphere is crafted with care, boasting a luxurious blend of creamy chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts, and a delicate wafer shell.

Our meticulously crafted arrangement is a heartfelt expression of love. Perfect for any occasion, our Preserved Roses with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Arrangement captivates hearts and leaves a lasting impression.


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