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The Beauty of the Roses

Roses are admired not only for their beauty, diversity and perfume, but also for the journey in which they carry their owners, being loaded with meaning and symbolism.

Plant in your own garden or carefully groom in pots on the terrace or balcony, the flowers of these noble shrubs are a joy if you open the gates and let the house of the air of an English storyline enter the house. 

Choose to surround you with the living nature of flower pots that, unlike cut flowers, allow you to enjoy their charm for a long time.

The blooming of the roses flowers is so full of myths and stories is their history. A Greek legend says the rose was created by Chloris, the goddess of flowers, from the body of a dead nymph. 

From Dyonisos, the god of wine, he received the scent of a fragrance, and from Ares, the god of war, he received the thorns, the rest of the beauty completing the creation of the roses. 

In Hinduism, the Tripurasundari cosmic rose is the symbol of perfection, perfection, the cup of life, soul, heart, and love. On the other hand, in Islamic civilization, the rose is the symbol of masculine beauty, the blood of Muhammad and his sons. The Baghdad’s Rose symbolizes the truth and Allah and represents the law, the way, and the science.

In Europe, the rose is the floral symbol of England, along with narcissus and thistle one of the flowers of the British crown. After 30 years of conflict, the end of the famous war of roses, the fifteenth century between two English noble families, which aimed at the succession of the throne of England, and which had the red and the white roses as emblems, also meant the establishment of a new dynasty – Tudor. 

The establishment of the new king, Henry VII, led to the reconciliation of the great powers and symbolically materialized in an emblem that brought together the two roses, red and white – Roza Tudorilor.

The meaning of roses

The meaning of yellow roses differs from one crop to another. If in the Orient they symbolize wisdom and friendship in Europe, this variety has a negative meaning: jealousy or betrayal.

Red roses are among the top gentlemen’s preferences when choosing flowers to offer to ladies and gentlemen. The red variety signifies love, and the message is honest: I love you.

Pink roses mean refinement and delicacy, and the message he sends is admiration.

White roses are a symbol of purity, innocence and sincerity. But it can also symbolize a farewell.

Purple roses are associated with royalty, and their significance consists in expressing feelings of appreciation and respect, as well as the feeling of loss or love at first glance.

The orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, passion and emotion.

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