The Best Flowers for All Occasions

Wedding Flowers

Regardless of the size or location of the wedding, many couples consider flower arrangements and bouquets to be critical elements to consider during the planning process.

Wedding flower trends change from year to year with colors and styles typically matching the trends in fashion and home decor. Many couples prefer to choose flowers based on the season of their nuptials. However, red roses (symbolizing passionate love) and peonies (symbolizing a happy marriage, prosperity, and good fortune) are always popular choices for wedding bouquets and arrangements. If you’d like to customize the message your flowers mean on your wedding day, here is the meaning behind some other wedding flower favorites.

Blush and cream wedding collection las vegas

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Lovers have traditionally given flowers that speak of their special relationship on Valentine’s Day. The most popular flower for this day is still the rose, in all its beautiful hues.

valentine's day roses and lilies

Birthday Flowers

A thoughtful floral bouquet makes the perfect birthday gift. Yellow roses (friendship) are popular to include in a birthday bouquet. The best birthday bouquets are chosen based on the recipient’s favorite blossoms or those that symbolize an aspect of your relationship with the person. In addition to yellow roses, here are a few ideal flowers to include in a birthday bouquet:

happy birthday rose in las vegas

Mother’s Day

Choosing a flower for Mother’s Day is simple since all you need to do is pick her favorite. Popular Mother’s Day bouquets are made up of roses, lilies, and orchids. If she likes all types, consider giving her a spring bouquet with mixed blooms. Here are some thoughts for Mom:

Mother's Day Flowers

Christmas and Winter Holiday Flowers

A plant or floral arrangement is a perfect gift to bring the host for a holiday party. Poinsettias are most popular, and you’ll find them in a variety of colors including red, white, yellow, or green. Amaryllis (love and determination) is also a favored holiday bloom. Besides the poinsettia and amaryllis, there are additional meaningful ideas for holiday florals:

Christmas Wishes Centerpiece

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

You can send floral arrangements to the family of the deceased for use in the home or for presentation during a funeral or service. If the family of the deceased is accepting flowers for the funeral, select something appropriate that can be viewed during the service, taken home afterward, or placed on the grave later.

Floral funeral displays are presented in several ways, including funeral baskets, standing sprays, or in the shape of wreaths, crosses, and hearts. Here are flowers and their specific meanings when sent as sympathy arrangements:

Red and White Funeral Cross
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