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Undoubtedly, summer is the season preferred by the vast majority of those who decide to get married. The sun and the holiday air contribute to the charm and success of a wedding. But if we think about the wedding bouquet, summer comes with obstacles. What flowers to choose so you don’t have to surprise yourself before the wedding is ready?

No bride would want a bouquet that won’t last until the end of the party.

This is why we present the most resistant summer flowers for wedding bouquets:


Regardless of trends, roses remain the top of brides’ preferences. There is an impressive range of varieties, so brides can opt for roses of all sizes and colors. It is important to know that roses are very resistant even on a hot day, so they are an inspired choice for a summer wedding.


More sophisticated scents can choose a bouquet of calla lilies. With an elegant, slightly sober appearance, the paths are resistant to heat and sun rays, so the bouquet will last smoothly throughout the event.


If we refer to a rustic summer wedding, there is no flower more suitable for the wedding bouquet than the sunflower. It will be a bright, cheerful bouquet, like a summer day.

For added charm, in a sunflower bouquet, wheat spices or field flowers such as Eryngium or daisies can be added.

succulent bridal bouquet las vegas florist

Succulent plants

Succulent plants are definitely a wise choice for someone who wants a special wedding bouquet and can withstand a hot summer day. Perfect for a nonconformist bride, the bouquet of succulent plants will cope with the heat of a summer day, no matter how warm it may be.

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